With non-intrusive, self-powered sensors, we can help you monitor your energy for a more efficient building and reduced utility costs

Predict. Prevent. Optimize.

RESCo Energy Inc., a value-added reseller of Panoramic Power®, now offers power monitoring solutions
that allow you to view your building’s electrical power consumption in real-time. The instant
quantification of energy usage is available through non-intrusive, wireless and self-powered sensors,
which enable you to save energy, predict and prevent system failures, as well as optimize system load.
Power monitoring provides prevention and detection for failures in all electrical operations, saving you
time and costly maintenance fees. RESCo is Your Green Energy Partner™

Energy Savings

With the information generated from power monitoring, you are able to identify any energy waste or
operational problems that exist. You can monitor the energy consumption and generate a more
proactive and efficient plan of operations based on the insight power monitoring offers you.

The Technology

All Panoramic Power® sensors are easily clamped onto the outgoing wire from the circuit breaker and
are self-powered by the circuit’s magnetic field. Each sensor is non-invasive and wireless. All of the data
generated from the sensors is visible through cloud-based data management, where visual and analytic
services are provided. The sensors do not require maintenance, service or battery replacement.
As each building comes with its own unique footprint, RESCo customizes solutions to fit those
needs. Equipped with ZigBee wireless transmitters and individual Current Transformers (CT), Panoramic
Power® sensors come in an array of options to suit each circuit perfectly. With access to single, split or
3-phase metering, as well as measurement of active and reactive power, RESCo can help you monitor
your current, voltage and power quality, giving you the tools for a more efficient building and to reduce
utility costs.